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Alcaldesa 1

Quick Biographical features of


• She was born on March 28, 1918, in Oruro. Married to Mr. Guillermo Oporto Crespo, mother of two children.  But also was the mother of a child helpless in Uyuni region where she lived. 

• Reaches 1944 Uyuni. Immediately shows his willingness to serve:

• Founder CONIF – Uyuni (CNF Female)

• Founder of the Red Cross and its president for more than 10 years

• He also founded the branch of the Lions Club.

• Belonged to Catholic institutions, Brotherhood of the Virgin of Copacabana, Committee Pro-Cathedral and non-religious as pro-Drinking Water Committee that would succeed when he was mayor.

• In 1967 inaugurates Diprome (Provincial Minor) being its first director as Ad-honorem item until 1973 and from 1974 to 1978.

• • Uyuni Mayor twice 1968-1971 and 1972-1973.

• Works donated their salaries to the people, as the construction of a Frial (located almost next to the School Juana Azurduy de Padilla), to provide food, mainly meat, sausage and chicken, hygienic and economic conditions for the population. At that time the municipal revenues were minimal and not counted as resources currently popular participation.

• At the time the water consumed in Uyuni was leftover Railway Company so after numerous efforts were inaugurated the construction work of the taking of water in Koskaña advised by the Hydraulic Engineer July Zavaleta (Author’s Abapó Project – Izozog) advice at no cost to the district.

There were tanks and pipe laying participation Water Committee to provide potable water Uyuni together the Civic. Unfortunately during her administration failed to inaugurating the above work built by Corpaguas.

Naturally many people have worked in various areas but would not be fair to mention some because a name may be omitted due to the inexorable passage of the years has been lost to memory.

• With small state resources to build their own savings for your equipment and getting help from the American Embassy, ​​ENFE (Bolivia Railway Company)  and other organizations builds and opens a Home for Orphans with 120 children, in recognition of this work the government has since its opening bears his name:

«Orphans Home of Aurora Juarez of Oporto»

• Children like a boy named Marquez went in the U.S. to rehabilitate him who lost both legs in a train accident. Many other relief is in memory of our countrymen.

• Led to training farmers and formed around Uyuni the first clubs of Mothers and Housewives (Sows, Chacala, Kulla, Cacaruyo, Colchani, Rio Grande)

• When left Uyuni were not in the streets or abandoned children or elderly, the latter had been sent to the nursing home of Oruro.

Acknowledgements important. – His work transcends our borders and is so invited to the White House by First Lady of the United States Mrs. Patricia Nixon. October 1969 on the occasion of his visit to the country invited by the State Department. On that occasion it was declared honorary citizen of the city of Cedar Rapids in Iowa

Interviewed by the international magazine Vanity edition of March 10, 1970 page 76.

Interview and photograph on the cover of the Journal in the female section devoted exclusively to his personality (4 Nov. 1976), several other media.

in 2000 he received the  last distinction of the people of Uyuni in Cochabamba.

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